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June 7th, 2001

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go sixers!!!! that's right! uh-huh!!!! what did i say? we wouldn't give up without a fight- and fight we did!! i think i shot my voice from screaming so much! oh yeah baby!!


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very very happy!!!
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people in la are babies. my gosh. i was listening to the y100 morning show on my way to work and they were reading articles from la newspapers. these reporters tore philly up. it was so wrong. i mean some of the stuff they wrote was just plain immature. they called philly a 'hell-hole' and said that all the people that live here are idiots... i mean stupid junior high crap. it's ridiculous. needless to say the radio station gave out the email addy of the guys writing these piece-of-crap articles so we can stand up for ourselves. now they're trying to say that kobe purposely sabotaged the game... dumb stuff... just so he gets to play 3 games in philly (his hometown- sorta). so then he can make the winning shots here... i don't know. it's all wack.

anyhow. bible study was good last nite. afterwards katie and i went on a secret mission- but i can't discuss it hear for fear of somebody finding out. hehe.. anyhow, if you wanna know ask me. :) then of course i stayed up and watched the sixers beat the lakers. it was a good game. my heart was pounding and to be honest i didn't know what was gonna happen. but when we went into overtime and made those shots.. oh baby. let's just say the adrenaline was pumping in my house. it was great.

my brother left this morning to go back to tulsa for his friend's wedding. he'll be back in about a week or so.

I WANNA GO SHOPPING!!! i'm not doing anything tonite so i think i'm gonna drag katie to the mall with me. :) i haven't been shopping in a while and i'm going through withdraw. lol.

i should get back to my work. :)
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hungry hungry
Current Music:
five o'clock people- living water
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lyryn stopped by around 11:30 and asked me if i wanted to go get my nails done with her. so i decided to go. i wanted to get my nails done anyway. so now they're all pretty and i feel pretty. hehe... all from my nails. :)

she got a pedicure, too. if i had time to do that i would've. it looked soooo relaxing. lol. and she got her eyebrows waxed cause they were too bushy... lol. they look good now. but she's gotta keep up with 'em by plucking (which she won't) so alas i'll probably have to do it for her. oh the joys of being a best friend. lol.

k i gotta get back to work.

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pleased pleased
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katie posted this in her lj so i'm stealing it. put it in yours or in my comments. :)

I see- my computer screen (duhhh)
I find - nothing
I want - to go to the mall
I have - pretty nails. :)
I wish- i was famous
I hate- being single
I miss- my old youth pastor steve
I fear- snakes
I feel- satisfied
I hear- matt redman cause his cd is playing on my computer
I smell- the lotion on my hands
I crave- dr pepper... help me jesus
I search- for my destiny
I wonder- who i'm gonna marry
I regret- saying hurtful words
I love- jesus
I long- to do what God wants me to do
I am- susan
I care- about my family
I am not- always as happy as people think i am
I believe- that God is out there and has a purpose for me
I have faith- that i'm saved
I cringe- when i see my friends hurting
I dance- as often as i can
I sing- nonstop. it's my passion.
I cry - wen i feel lonely
I learn- how to run a business
I do not always- live the way i should
I succeed- through christ.
I fight- a battle for my mind every day
I write- in my live journal! lol
I give- gifts to people to let them know how special they are
I win- radio contests.
I never- relax
I confuse - myself and those around me
I listen- to my heart
Current Mood:
accomplished accomplished
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ok i've been drinking this icee way to fast... i don't feel so good...
Current Mood:
nauseated nauseated
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i am so tired right now. it's only 10 o'clock but i think i'm gonna go to bed. well after work katie and i went to the mall. i bought a few shirts and a couple more pairs of flip-flops. then we went to chi-chi's. i came home and played basketball with my little brother. now they're watching "the emperor's new groove" and i don't know why i'm so tired! oh well. i guess i'll go to bed. goodnite.
Current Mood:
sleepy sleepy
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