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June 6th, 2001

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i didn't update last nite. sorry to all my loyal readers that were disappointed. anybody out there? lol. j/k... anyhow...

work was good yesterday. it wasn't real busy which is nice. after work i went to stevie's (my little bro) baseball game. they lost. :( they just had a rough game. i felt bad for 'em. but hey, it happens. after the game my family went to grab some dinner at this restaurant and the waitress wouldn't seat us where my dad wanted. she could only put us near the bar so my dad decided we weren't gonna eat there. it was actually kind of funny. so we left. then we decided to go to ruby tuesdays (yay)! that is probably my favorite restaurant. well my family is nuts. we had so much fun cracking jokes. we were so loud (and there are 6 of us). i seriously think we disturbed the people around us.

actually before we started laughing i was crying. sometimes the people you love the most can hurt you the most. i'm trying to lost weight and i've stopped drinking soda which is not easy for me cause i love dr. pepper... and i've been getting up early to walk and stuff. but yet my family still loves to tease me. as if i'm not trying? they make comments about what i eat or that i didn't walk long enough and it hurts my feelings cause i'm really trying and it's like they don't realize it. so i started crying and my older brother was being really nice. he's like, "sue i know you're trying... don't cry." but i couldn't help it. i mean the people that should have been supporting me the most didn't even realize they were making me feel worse. i know they didn't do it purposely, but that's just how my family is. they love to tease. i'm always teased about my cheeks and they only add to it. it's so frustrating sometimes. and then i tend to just bottle up my feelings and i don't tell anyone for fear of getting rejected and then all of a sudden i'll just burst into tears. you know how something so little can just trigger that? anyhow, so that's my little struggle recently.

after the crying spell at dinner things got better. katie started cracking jokes and she got the rest of us going. it was pretty funny. we had fun. i ate chicken fingers (my favorite). they were really good, too. then we all shared a strawberry tallcake. 6 spoons in 1 big bowl. lol. the waitress looked at us like we were nuts. it was pretty funny.

katie drove home and almost killed us a couple times- haha... i'm kidding. she's doing better at driving, but she still has a lot to learn. i remember being in her shoes and feeling like i knew everything about driving, but in truth there is still so much to learn and so many situations to be in that she hasn't been in yet.

so i got online for a little bit last nite but my computer kept booting me off so i gave up and went to bed. then i got up early this morning and walked and lifted weights and stuff this morning. so i am feeling better. and guess what? i had a dream last nite that the sixers crushed the lakers. lol. i woke up and i was like, "since when do i dream about basketball?" but hey- it could happen. all the philly radio stations are doing stuff to show their support for the sixers. like painting a car purple and yellow and giving people sledgehammers. lol. sounds like fun. we did that in high school during homecoming week. so the game should be interesting. everybody better tune in! show your support for philly! 9 o'clock(est) on nbc. :)

well i better find some work to do. i can already tell it's gonna be a slooowww day. fun fun.
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this is supa-cool. woohoo... more html! lol. this is where i got it. thanks ashley. :)
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yay! i got paid today! woohoo! this is great. :)
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