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May 28th, 2001

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i had so much fun today!!! well let's see. i woke up around 11 this morning. it was so nice to have an extra day off work. i got ready for the church picnic and waited for kate to get back from lyryn's. so she got home and got ready and then we left. we had a meeting for our mexico trip at the picnic. the meeting was good, just really long. we practiced our spanish. i'm uhhh getting there. lol.

after the meeting we grubbed cause that's what picnic's are for. after that i had fun playing with all the little kids. i was taking some to the swings and playing catch with another. their parents were happy to be relieved for a few minutes. but i enjoyed it. kids are awesome. there is this one little girl at my church (who is also my neighbor). her name's leah and she likes me so much. hehe. whenever she sees me, she's like, "susie susie! mom there's susie!" so today i was playing catch with her and she just ran up to me and gave me this huge hug and she didn't want to let go. it was sooo cute. awww i felt so loved. :)

after that i played a couple games of volleyball, but i stopped cause some people were getting on my nerves. i am extremely competitive and i get really annoyed when people don't play serious- or by the rules. sorry, but that's just me. then i spotted my friends danny and matt playing their guitars so i walked up and matt's like, "hey i was just gonna come get you." i was like, "really? why?" and he's like, "cause i want you to sing while we play." yay! so i did for a little bit. it was fun. we were just free-stylin and messing around but i had fun. then a whole bunch of my friends decided they wanted to take a walk, so we did. we probably ended up walking at least a mile or so. it was nice. we walked up to this lake and it was so beautiful. i hope i live near a lake or something someday. that would be so cool. and have my own little boat. yeah that would rock.

so we were gone for a while and we came back to the picnic and we played lacrosse for a little bit. it was fun. i was doing pretty good. then everybody came up to me and told me they wanted to go to st. peter's village. it's this little itty bitty town that has a river running through it with HUGE rocks. tons of people go there to hop on these rocks. so we went. it was fun. it was a good workout. lol. and i didn't fall in the water, either! yay for me! lol.

so i came home, took a shower cause i was all sweaty, and watched 'weakest link.' the lady host is so funny. lol. she's so serious when she says stuff. it's pretty funny to watch. and now i'm on here and there's like a whole bunch of people on my buddy list, but nobody's talking to me and i'm not so sure i'm in the mood to talk... hmm... weird.

i don't want to go to work tomorrow.... :( bummer. oh well. that's life. time to end. later-
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