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May 13th, 2001

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church was so incredibly awesome today! wow... i cannot even begin to describe how much God touched me. it was just powerful. about halfway thru worship i just really felt this urge to want to dance. so after thinking about it for a little while i really felt God telling me to go in the back and just let go. so i did. i went back there and i had a good ole time just dancing before the lord. i can't ever remember feeling so free. it was great. there was this one little girl named samantha that's 5 years old and i saw her watching me so i asked her if she wanted to dance with me. so she did. i taught her some simple steps and she really enjoyed it. afterwards she was like, "are you teaching sunday school today?" i told her no and she seemed kind of bummed... hehe... it made me feel special. kids are great.

so after worship there was a baby dedication and pastor rob kept calling the baby boy a "she" and saying his name as "gabrielle" rather than "gabriel." it was pretty funny. eventually someone corrected him and he felt horrible. katie and i couldn't help but laugh. but hey, pastors are human too.

well then they called up our dance group (otherwise known as "four winds") to get prayed for. we're going to washington, dc this weekend to perform at that intercessors gathering on the mall. and yes, by the way i am going!!! praise the lord! thank you so much dad- you have no idea how happy this makes me!!!! anyhow, so they prayed for us and it didn't stop. so they asked us to move over to the side and to continue to get prayer while pastor rob and his wife spoke.

let me tell you- God is awesome. He just spoke some amazing things over my life through people that were praying for me and i was blessed beyond belief. i think i was standing up there for an hour with my hands up and by the time we were done, i finally put my hands down and they hurt. lol. but hey it was worth it. i really felt like i received something from those prayers.

then after church my family and another family went out to eat at this delicious restaurant. they have a really nice brunch on sundays and the food was deeeelicious. then after that we came home. i changed out of my dress, put on some comfy clothes and went outside. i went on the hammock and fell asleep. it was a gorgeous day and the sun was shining. it was a little windy, so i put a blanket on me. it was just very very peaceful to be outside.... yes indeed. when i woke up i came inside and finished a book i was reading.

then kate and i headed off to dance practice. it was very relaxing today. i enjoyed it very much and it was short. so afterwards, kate, lyryn, brent and i went to wendy's to get some grub. we stayed in there for at least an hour and just talked about all kinds of stuff. lyryn wants brent (who is her brother btw) to ask me to coatesville's senior prom cause he gets 2 tickets for being a junior usher... something like that. so we'll see. i don't know if i'd want to go. brent's just a really cool guy. i went to his homecoming last year and we had fun. i liked him so much then and i don't like him (at least not like that anymore) so i think we could have fun. anyhow we'll see what happens. i just like dressing up and looking all purdy. hehe

so now i'm home and i'm tired and i just wrote a lot and i'm sure y'all are bored. oh well. it's my life- sorry. some days are more interesting than others. i hope everybody had a great weekend. meg- i hope you're having an awesome time on your trip- i'm praying for you!!!! :)

farewell until tomorrow....
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