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May 11th, 2001

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well mom and dad are home now. we had a little party for my mom last nite just with the family. i got my mom 6 beautiful pink roses and a card and gift certificate to get her nails done. so we all ate dinner together and then we brought out a birthday cake for my mom. she was really surprised- like we forgot her birthday? lol- no way. so i know she appreciated it. i love my mommy... hehe :)

then i got online and had this girl that doesn't even know me telling me she doesn't like me. lol. what's up with that? people are so wack sometimes i swear. i don't understand how you can dislike someone you don't even know...? and a christian none-the-less. oh well- it's her issue not mine. i have no hard feelings towards her. so if you are reading this like you tell me you do- go ahead and dislike me. lol. even though i've given you no reason to. oh well, what are ya gonna do?

that's life i suppose. you just deal with it and move on.

did anybody watch destiny's child on letterman last nite? i did. they looked so skanky though. you know they say in their song that they're "not gonna compromise their christianity-they're better than that." lol. then they go and wear these outfits that hardly cover them up. don't get me wrong- i think they're cool and they're an awesome group. it's just sad to see them conforming to the rest of the music industry as far as clothes and all goes. yeah.. ok...

i'm in the mood to rant today so WATCH OUT!!! haha...

in other news i talked to gymini last nite. we haven't talked in a while. and guess what? i made him laugh. yup i did. lol. ok i'm a dork. i'm in a good mood though... interesting. i have no idea why. maybe cause it's friday! or maybe it's cause i have dance practice! or maybe it's cause i don't got a man....haha siiiiike. can't be cause of that. lol

oh my goodness i know what's wrong with me. i didn't get enough sleep. yup that's it. and i have tons of work to do right now and i don't feel like it so i'm procrastinating and writing in here. yeah that's right. uh-huh...

oh go say hi to my new friend oreo. she just started an lj... welcome my friend- mmuuuyyyaaahahhaah... your life will never be the same.

ok that's it. i'm a dork. i've lost it.

i really need to get back to work. i hope everyone has a super-de-dooper day! i love you all to pieces! :::hugs:::
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