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May 1st, 2001

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well i don't have much to say. it's been a busy day. the phones were ringing off the hook today and at one point i had 5 people im'ing me! lol. it's just hard when i'm at work to respond to everybody. so i'm sorry to those of you that i didn't get to talk to for long or anything. it was nothing personal really. i love you all... :)

stevie has his first baseball game of the season tonite. my dad's making me be late cause i have to lock up the store. he wanted to leave early so he wouldn't be late for the game... grrr...

oh well. it's called responsibility. gosh i just don't have anything to say on here right now. maybe i'll write more later.

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ooohhh i had fun tonite! bryan (my youth pastor) called me and asked if i wanted to go miniature golfing tonite with some other people. so i said yes and there were six of us that went. i was talking with my friend troy for a couple minutes this afternoon on im and i asked him if him and his brother and sister wanted to come with us tonite. at first he said no and i said he was avoiding getting beat by me. lol. well next thing i know he showed up. so we went and i kept score (as always). i like keeping score and being in control and stuff.

we had a blast just cracking jokes and busting on each other. or me busting on everyone else rather. lol. it was tons of fun. there was a lot of water throughout the course and troy got dez soooo wet. she was soaked. i thought she fell in the water or something. needless to say he didn't get me wet cause he knows if i did i would hurt him. lol. well troy and i were pretty close the whole game and at one point he was up on me by 4 points. but i came back and in the end- i beat him by 1 point! haha! i'm too good. it was great. i rubbed it in his face a little bit of course. then we went to dairy queen and got in right before it closed. i had a root beer float- yummm! dez had no money and as we were walking out the owner goes to her "hey where's your ice cream?" and she's like, "i don't have any money." (btw- i did offer to buy her ice cream and she refused). so the guy yells to the girl behind the counter to get a small vanilla cone for her- free! lol. i could not believe it. i said we should have all walked in there and just stood at the counter and said how broke we were. lol. maybe we would have gotten free ice cream! i doubt it though.

so we went back to dez's and me and bryan and isaac were talking about stuff and bryan offered me a position to be the leader of a new junior high ministry that they're starting at our church. (katie and lyryn- you don't know this so don't say anything to anybody, k? thanks) i'm not so sure if i wanna do it, but i kinda am feeling that's where God's calling me. so i would appreciate your prayers for that. i just wanna do what God wants me to do and even if that means working with annoying immature little teeny-boppers. lol. oh God help me... lol

well i guess that's all i'm gonna write. i'm super tired, so i think i'm gonna head to bed a little earlier than normal.
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