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April 24th, 2001

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time to update!!!!!!!!

oh wait... nothing's happened since the last update. darn. hmm, let's see if i can come up with something to write. i had trouble getting up this morning cause i was up late last nite, but i'm not gonna complain about being tired like some people i know... hehe... just kidding. i was up doing what i do best... talking, or errr typing. *lol* you know what i mean.

hey all my lj peeps. do me a favor and go say hi to my friend RICO. he's way cool and he loves God and he plays the guitar and well it doesn't get much better than that. he needs some comments on his entries so he'll feel loved. :) i know i can count on y'all to do that. thanks.

well it's tuesday. i'm eating ritz crackers and water... yumm... i'm hungry for lunch though. but it's not noon yet... grrr...

ok that's it. i'm so glad you guys don't mind reading about my not-so-exciting life. *lol* i hope everybody has a great day!
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the corrs- breathless
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gosh work is so slow today. i am very very bored... which means this day is just gonna drag on and on and on...

lyryn has a lacrosse game tonite and she wants me to go. i'm gonna do my best to go. it's an away game so i just have to figure out how to get to the school it's at... but i think i know where it is. oh yeah and lyryn also sent me a text message on my cell phone today. thanks babe. :) i can receive text messages but i can't send them.. it's really weird. so i gotta get that changed.

ok that's it. there's nothing else to write really...

bye bye

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bored bored
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lifehouse- sick cycle carousel
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well after work i took katie to buy shoes for prom. she finally found ones she liked and it's a good thing to cause prom's on saturday. lol. (katie hates when i put asteriks around my "lol" so i'm gonna stop). hehe...

i also bought a couple picture frames. i am obsessed with picture frames. ok, maybe not obsessed, but i love them. i am always buying new ones. when i get married and have my own house, it is gonna be filled with pictures. it'll be great. it's an awesome way to "see" your memories. when i look at pictures of myself with all my friends and family it just reminds me how blessed i am. :)

then we went to chi-chi's and had dinner. mexican! yum! i had chicken enchilladas and they were so delicious. oh my gosh it was so good...

so now i'm home for the nite i guess. i didn't go to lyryn's game cause it rained and i didn't want to drive all the way and have it be cancelled.

wow the sunset is so gorgeous today. it's all these beautiful purples and oranges.. awesome. God is so amazing... ::sigh:::

ok, that's it. maybe i'll write more later.
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destiny's child- survivor
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