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April 23rd, 2001

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good morning good morning... i'd really like to say... good morning good morning... it's such a lovely day... hehe. we sing that song to the little kids in sunday school and for some reason i was singing it this morning. it is a gorgeous day outside today. it really is. i'm so happy it's finally spring! yay!

ok, enough about the weather. :)

ooooohh yeah... i'm almost 100% definately going to creation this summer!!! rock on! i'm so excited. i've lived 3 hours away from one of the biggest christian music festivals my whole life and i've never been. pathetic, isn't it? so i'm determined to go this year. there aren't that many peeps from my church going which is good, so it'll only be a little group of us. i cannot wait. i just hope my dad doesn't make a fuss about me taking off more work. so just pray he doesn't. thanks.

it was funny cause last nite me, my dad and my little brother steve were playing basketball. we were playing 'spot' or whatever you call it where you mark spots around the court and make your way around. the first one to finish wins. so yeah, we were playing that and my dad goes, "whoever wins this game gets a 1 week trip to disney world." so i'm like, "how bout 3 days off of work to go to creation?" hehe... and my dad just kinda looks at me. next thing you know, i won the game! haha... i was so proud of myself. i just hope he lets me off cause i really wanna go and i know katie does, too.

oh and on thursday i get to be a chaperone for stevie's field trip to baltimore, maryland. can you imagine me and group of 5th graders wandering around baltimore? hehe... it's gonna be so much fun. we get to go to the aquairium and the omni theater and walk around the inner harbor. i love baltimore so much! and i've been there a million times so i know all the fun stuff to do. i can't wait! it's gonna be so cool. lately me and stevie have really been "bonding." it's cool. i mean, he's only 11 years old, but i want to be a better big sister to him. i want him to look back on these times and remember what a good influence i was and stuff like that... ok now i'm getting all sentimental. hehe

i really better get back to work. i got lots of orders to type. fun fun!
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well let's see.... it hasn't been too exciting of a day. work was really busy today. monday's usually are.

after work i came home for a little bit then drove to katie's school to pick her up from choir practice. then i took her to go tanning, but i didn't go. i waited in the car and read my bible. she's got prom on saturday so she wants to be all tan and stuff... which is cool. so we came home and had pizza... yeah umm... that's it really.

now i'm home and it's really hot and my dad's eating chinese and the smell is making me sick. cause i'm full and just the smell of food... ugh... i hate that.

gosh it's so hot in this house!!! grrrr... i don't like hot weather unless the ac's on.

... tried talking to don tonite. yeah that was funny... i hope you get everything figured out, bud. i'm done i guess...

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