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April 21st, 2001

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i'm so not tired right now, but i probably should go to bed... all the excitement of tonite still has me energized... lol

i successfully ticked katie off tonite. oh well... too late now.


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confused confused
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hey!!! i have so much to write, but no time to do it... i gotta go pick up katie (she went tanning with lyryn).

anyhow, i just wanted to say hi to all my buds out there! i love you all... ::hugs::

i'll be back later! ~ciao

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chipper chipper
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well i'm back. we had to go to the mall and get brent a present (cause today's his birthday). he's having a little party/get together thing so hopefully it'll be fun... i'm sure it will be. and we just so happened to run into mark and his 2 buds that are visiting. (who are really cute btw). *lol* but they're only 16 so yeah... it's all good

anyhow, i should probably go get ready. i'm really tired. we danced this morning and it was even better than last nite. we did really awesome. i was happy. but right before we went on my right calf was like throbbing. i have no idea why. i was like, 'lyryn, pray for me quick.' so she did and it went away. :) thank the lord.

ok, i'm gonna go now. i hope everybody has a great weekend.

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relaxed relaxed
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