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April 16th, 2001

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i just wanted to thank all of you guys for your concern and encouraging words. they mean so much, you have no idea. i'm feeling a little better this morning, but not much. but i'll survive. :)

i feel so blessed to have such great friends. you guys are awesome. God bless!

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loved loved
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well now i get to leave work and head off to dance practice. should be interesting as usual. pray for me cause i'm pretty sore, but they're deciding who's gonna be dancing at this big banquet on friday and i really wanna get picked cause i've been working so hard. anyhow... i gotta jet.

talk to y'all later

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well dance is over and praise jesus i got picked. yippeee! i worked my butt off today at practice, let me tell you. i walked in late (cause i was coming from work) and everyone looked at me (actually at my sunburn) and they're like, "are you ok????" and to be honest, i felt like pure crap. so i kinda started tearing up cause my skin felt like it was on fire. and jane (our dance leader) is like, "are you sure you wanna dance?" and i insisted. i was determined to do this dance and i was not gonna quit. so right before we started she told me that she wanted everyone to pray for me. so they all gathered around me and laid hands on me and that really blessed me. everyone's hands felt so cold against my hot skin and it felt good. *lol* so i started crying while everyone was praying for me and someone got me a tissue, but i couldn't blow my nose or wipe the tears cause it hurt too bad. so i just dealt with it. and i picked myself back up and i gave that dance everything i had. i think i did pretty darn good, too. now, i don't usually say that, but i just wanted it so bad, you know? well it turns out she did pick me to perform on friday and she picked katie, too which is awesome. so we're both pretty excited. there was a little something that bugged me and if you wanna know what it was, it was the same thing that bugged katie. so go read her lj. needless to say, if this girl dances, i'll be taken out, which stinks bigtime. but we'll see what happens. God's got it under control and He knows how hard i've been working and how dedicated i've been. i haven't missed a single practice. ::sigh:: well, we'll see what happens. i need to stop worrying about it. :)

God is good.

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wiped out
Current Music:
kirk franklin- revolution (that's the song we're dancing to)
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i'm going to bed, so.... goodnite.

sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. :)

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tired tired
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