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April 15th, 2001

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well, it's easter. duhh... church was good. we danced and it went really well. everyone kept pointing out my sunburn to me. as if i didn't know... ? they're all like, 'you're burnt.' duhhh people. of course i'm burnt. sheesh. it just got on my nerves. and then my youth pastor kept calling me lobster and it really started bugging me. and being easter everyone was in a hugging mood today and it hurt to hug and some people are sooooo rough. *lol* oh well. it's over now.

aside from that i loved my new dress. so did a bunch of other people, too. i got some really nice compliments which made my day. this one lady actually came up to me and she was like, 'i just want to tell you that i think you're really beautiful and every sunday you look so nice and you always wear the nicest outfits. you have great taste in clothes.' it was so nice. i didn't know what to say. so i said 'thank you' and gave her a hug (even though it hurt). :) that just totally made my day. see? you never know how a few kind words can affect a person.

so after we got home from church i decided to take a nap cause i was really tired. i didn't get to bed till late (due to me being on here, but it's all good, right marcus)? and then i had to get up early. so anyhow, i laid down on the couch to take a nap and when i woke up all my relatives were here. my uncle was busy slaving away in the kitchen. he's a chef and he's from austria. he makes the best food. today he made lamb and herb roasted potatoes and asparagus. it was deeeeelicious. and my grandmom brought us an easter basket full of candy which was nice cause my mom doesn't do easter baskets for us.

my little cousin, christian is here and he's 3. he's so adorable. he was just jumping on the trampoline and he was having so much fun. it was so cute.

it's fun having relatives over sometimes. today everyone got into the discussion of how twins run on my dad's side. it skips a generation though and seeing as how katie and i are the only girls on my dad's side, one of us is in for it. can you imagine? me with twins? ahhhh!!! but i wouldn't mind. that'd be pretty cool. my dad's like, 'before you get married, you better warn the man that you've got the gene for twins.' as if that's gonna change his mind? riiiight.

anyways. i don't know why i just went into all that. all that sun's been messing with my head. my face hurts the worst. i have this little blisters from getting burned so bad. you can't tell unless you look really close, but i notice it. oh well... it's my own fault.

ok, i need to stop writing now. i hope everyone has a good day with their family. be blessed.
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oh my goodness... i feel so horrible right now. i feel ugly and i'm tired and i want to cry and i have no idea why. my face hurts and my emotions are just out of wack... grr... sometimes i hate being a female. i'm so confused... and i don't even know what about.


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