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April 14th, 2001

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this day is just dragging on and on, but it's all good cause it's saturday. yippee!!! well this morning we had a meeting about our mission trip to mexico. but before we went to that kate and i went and picked up flowers for mrs. linton cause she had surgery yesterday. (she helps out with our dance team a whole lot). so we went in the hospital and couldn't find her and it wasn't official visiting hours so we were trying to avoid all the nurses. hehe... well eventually we found her but she was sleeping so we just left the flowers in her room for her.

then we went to the meeting. very short and brief. thank God. then we began our car wash!!! it went so well. everybody (well almost everybody) worked together and did their part. i seriously don't think i've ever worked so hard... i scrubbed them tires till they shined. :) it was actually a lot of fun. we took turns standing on the street corner holding signs to get 'customers' and me and dez went together. we had fun. we were talking to all the people at the stop light and got tons of cars to stop! it was great. we ended up making a good sum of money which is wonderful. every little bit helps.

needless to say, i got burnt. and i got horrible lines from the tank top i was wearing. grrr... i hate it when that happens. so after the car wash kate and i decided to go tanning to try and even out our burn/tan. *lol* it worked for her, but not for me. oh well. nothing i can do about it.

then i helped my mom clean up the family room cause some of my relatives are coming over tomorrow for easter. i didn't even complain about cleaning. that might not be much for some of you, but i really don't enjoy cleaning. anyhow, i'm proud of myself. :)
there is never anyone online on saturdays!!! oh well... i guess i'll just get off the computer then. i'm not sure what we're gonna do tonite. my friend wendy just moved into a new apartment and a bunch of peeps are gonna go hang out there and play games and stuff. but katie and lyryn wanna go to the mall, but we were just there yesterday. decisions, decisions. i'm sure we'll figure something out.

i can't wait for tomorrow. i love church on easter. there's just an excitement in the air and it makes everyone so happy. i hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

thank you lord for the gift of your son jesus. thank you for setting us free from our sins through his death and resurrection!

be blessed~
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burnt and indecisive
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destiny's child- survivor
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ok yeah so i'm stupid. i'm really burnt and i'm in a heck-of-a-lot of pain right now. i'm really really cold but my skin is on fire. no fun.

well we (me, katie, lyryn and dez) went to the mall tonite and i didn't buy anything. then we ate at chik-fil-a. yummm... then i dropped dez off and came home cause katie really wasn't feeling well and neither was i.

so now i'm here and i'm splashing cold water on my face and i'm really tired and i don't know how i'm gonna make it tomorrow. i have to be up way early to practice our dance for church.

i'm gonna stop writing now. goodnite.

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hot hot
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