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April 12th, 2001

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God is good. i feel like that's all i can say right now. cell group was pretty cool. i showed them veggie tales- woohoo! and then i talked for a little bit afterwards, but i didn't say much. i just gave them a little verse to memorize.

"love your neighbor as yourself" ~leviticus 19:18

so if you don't know it already, LEARN IT! :)

umm... well i tried to listen to marcus' radio show today but it just wasn't happening. my real player was acting up and nothing sounded clear. plus i was at work so that made it harder with the phones ringing and everything. sorry bud... i'll listen next week- i promise. :)

well after cell group desiree and i decided to drive up to rachel's to see how she was doing. i felt bad for not making an effort to see her. but i think it went really good. you rock rach! we had fun and we reminiced (sp?) about old times and talked about guys which is always fun. that girl cracks me up. rach can tell the best stories. it's just her enthusiasm behind it that makes the story even more intriguing. anyway, it was really good to see her and just hang out. we definately gotta do that more often. :)

so now i'm over at desiree's and i'm sleeping over. i haven't slept over at a friend's house in a long time. this is fun! but i should probably get back to hanging w/her instead of being on here, but i just had to update. i really need to get to bed considering i have to work at 9 tomorrow. i'm a nut, i know. lol...

ok, i guess that's it. oh wait... on the way back from rach's dez and i had some worship music on and 'the happy song' by delirious came on. we turned it up loud and we had a blast. it was great. there was no one else on the road and dez got so out of control she made the cd skip. that girl is crazy! but she's the best.

alrighty i must go. later everybody!!!! much love to you all! :-*
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very happy &extremely blessed
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i feel so efficient today. i'm not sure why. i'm just in this mood to work and get things done. now that is rare. what's wrong with me? i didn't get much sleep at all. i went to bed around 2 and woke up at 8. i was actually the first one in the office today. my dad overslept! i had fun teasing him this morning, cause my dad always gives me a hard time if i sleep in. so the shoe was on the other foot today. :)

and now i'm just trying to get things done and straighten up my desk area so i can actually SEE my desk. yeah that would be nice. i should take a picture of this. y'all would laugh, seriously.

well, that's all i have to say for now.


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accomplished accomplished
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Matt Redman - Let Everything That Has Breath
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OH MY GOSH!!!! i almost forgot to write about what happened this morning. like 10 mins after i got into work i was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden i heard this *bang* and then my mom yells, 'oh no! a bird just flew into the window!' so i jump up from my desk and run over to the window and right below the window is this little robin just standing there, completely stunned. it was as if he could't believe he just flew into a window. the poor thing was shaking and breathing really heavy. so mike (this guy that works for us) grabbed a towel and went out there and picked him up. he seemed ok, just a little shaken up. so he took him over to the grass and let him go. i felt so bad for the birdy....
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sympathetic sympathetic
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the dentist just called and said they screwed up and they looked at my x-rays today and supposedly they found 2 cavities! is that wack or what?

i'm so ashamed...

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i thought tonite was gonna be a lot of fun, but it didn't really turn out to be. everybody from youth group went over to the king's to hang out. so bryan (our youth pastor) and his wife tried to organize this little game-a-thon type of thing... but it took forever and we didn't really get to finish. and everyone got sick of me winning all the games. hahahaha.... i'm serious, too. i'm pretty good when it comes to games like boggle and blurt and stuff like that.

gosh i am soooo tired. i think i only have to work half a day tomorrow cause it's good friday. yay!!!

so many people have been posting comments on my journal lately. it makes me feel so special!!! thank you guys! i love you all!

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sleepy sleepy
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