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April 10th, 2001

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man... i had this great entry all written and then my computer froze and i had to reboot and i lost it. grrr.... this does not make me happy. :(

oh well. i don't think i'll even try to re-write it. it just won't be the same. ::sigh::

i'm such a dork. lol


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aggravated aggravated
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Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
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i just heard the ice cream truck outside. so i ran out and i missed him. :(

bummer. oh well...

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disappointed disappointed
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i actually went out tonite! yay for me... :) kate and i went and watched the championship basketball game for the local church league even though our team wasn't in it. but a couple other people went and it was better than sitting home doing nothing. then we went over to desiree's and ate ice cream and watched 'bring it on.' i have seen that movie about 5 times already.... but we watched it anyway. and then i came home. and here i am. :)

i'm talking to some peeps right now so i'm gonna end this. ~peace

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geeky geeky
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