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March 31st, 2001

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bleh... i don't know what to write. umm... well today was wendy's (my friend) bridal shower. i think she was surprised. it was fun. and i saw my "childhood" best friend. it was weird. we didn't really have anything to say to each other. it's really sad that we don't talk anymore. we never had a "falling out" or anything... we just stopped hanging out for some reason... i dunno why... anyways...

then i came home and did nothing. (only for a little bit tho)

and then ALL my friends came over. we watched "what's eating gilbert grape?" i had never seen that movie. it was good... i liked it. sad, but good. and we played cards and just chilled... ate chinese. :) and now they're all still here. and they're playing music really really loud and i have a headache... grrr...

oh well... so i guess that's it.

i'm so mad that we lose an hour of sleep tonite. i hate that... :(

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worn out
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ain't no mountain...
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