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March 30th, 2001

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this might turn out to be a long post. then again, it might not.

well, katie found out about the "surprise." lyryn and i are taking her to the plus one/rachael lampa concert on april 8th. it's up in harrisburg. she's such a little sneak. she went on my computer and saw the web address in the little bar thingy and then played it off for a little while that she didn't know and then she sucked it out of me!!! grrr... and she didn't even seem excited about it.

other semi-exciting news: i was driving to work yesterday and i was listening to the local christian radio station (which i never do- *bad susie*). anyhow, they were talking about the plus one concert i'm going to and they're having this little contest. what you have to do is record yourself singing the chorus to this one particular song of theirs and send it in to the radio station. they're gonna pick 10 guys and 10 girls to be plus one's "backup choir" during this song at the concert. which means, you get to meet them and hang out with them beforehand. well as soon as i heard this, i was like, i am gonna do this. the only thing was it's due today. so yesterday on my lunch break i went home, recorded myself, went to the post office and shipped it express mail so it would get there today! i still can't believe i actually did it. this was really spontaneous, even for me! i really hope i win, too. just for the experience. this could be my big break! ok, maybe not, but still. i do want to get into the music industry eventually...

anyhow, i'm very excited and i can't wait till they announce the winners. i have no idea when they will. but i will keep you all posted.

lyryn and i went out to dinner last nite. it was fun. we just talked and talked and caught up on each other's lives. it was nice to get out for a little bit. i got home around 8:30 and i laid down on the couch to take a little nap and i woke up around 11 and all i wanted was my bed. so that's where i went. i think my parents were amazed i didn't get online. i was just beat and i needed sleep. i guess i'm trying to show them that i don't need to be online 24/7 and i do have a life... lol... riiight

we have youth group at my house tonite. *yippee* should be fun. i've got a packed weekend, too. i have a bridal shower and a baby shower to attend all in one weekend. fun fun!!! i have other stuff, too but i need to stop writing.

my tummy hurts... :(

have a wonderful day.

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i cannot get that stupid pepsi jingle out of my head... babababababa... ahhhh!!!

i can't believe pepsi would stoop so low and put brittany spears in one of their commercials. ugh... that disgusts me. i've lost all respect now...

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