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March 26th, 2001

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why is it that i seem to be losing interest in this? i'm really not sure. maybe cause i'm realizing that my life is not exciting what-so-ever so why would anyone else care to hear about it? yeah... that's probably it.

yesterday, i went to church (duh) and it was good, as always. i was dancing in the back with all these little kiddies. it was fun. after church my family went out to lunch with chrissy's. it was alright. i was the only one that didn't get dessert... that took some willpower, let me tell you. and then i came home and vegged. i love sunday afternoons. they're so peaceful and relaxing. i can't wait to get married and just be with my husband and kids and rent movies and just spend quality time together. that's one thing i love about my family. we always do that. :) it's great.

my parents bought a treadmill yesterday. so we all took our turns... but i'm sure we'll get tired of using it soon. that's the way it always goes. you buy something new and it's exciting and after a while, it gets old. :)

for some reason i really miss my brother today. (he lives in oklahoma). i'm not sure why... maybe i'll email him or something. it makes me so sad to think that he's never coming back to live in PA. i don't blame him, though. this state isn't that exciting. but it's home to me and i guess that's why i don't want to leave.

work is extremely busy and i should be typing orders right now. i just needed a little break. i'm sure you can all understand that. i hope everyone else has a wonderful week.

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busy busy
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five o'clock people
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i'm watching "remember the titans." it is such a good movie. i think i'm gonna have to buy this one. if you haven't seen it yet, go watch it!

ok, i think that's all i wanted to say. i had chinese for dinner and it was yummy...

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chipper chipper
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