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March 24th, 2001

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wow... i didn't update my lj at all yesterday. that's the first time in a while. last nite i went out with katie, lyryn, jesse, brent, mark and declan again. we went to chi-chi's and had mexican. they crammed the 7 of us in this little itty bitty booth. it was fun. me and lyryn shared this really yummy dessert. it was sooooo good.

and afterwards we all came back to my house. it was really cold outside, but we stayed out there anyways. we played basketball, and jumped on the trampoline... and the sky was so clear last nite. there were tons of stars. it was amazing...

then we came inside and watched a movie. and by the time everyone left it was almost 12... so i went to bed. and then this morning katie and i went to watch lyryn's lacrosse game. it was raining and it was extremely cold, so we stayed in the car.

then kate and i went to the mall and i bought more stuff i don't need... as usual. and now katie and my mom are fighting and i have to get off...

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stressed stressed
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five o'clock people
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today has been such a wonderful day... i am soooooo happy right now. this afternoon nick called me and it was better than i could have hoped for. he is so awesome. things were a little weird at first and i was nervous so i just talked and talked... :) i don't think he minded, though.

tonite i went to troy's birthday party. we went bowling and i had so much fun. we bowled 3 games. the last game i got 155!!!! *woohoo* go me! i beat everyone's score. i am so proud of myself. can you tell??? hehe...

umm ok. all in all... it was a terrific day... goodnite everyone.

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excited excited
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