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March 18th, 2001

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hey everybody. lately i have just lost a little interest in LJ... i dunno why. i'm sure my opinion will change come tomorrow. :)

well yesterday was um... ok. lyryn did end up coming over after work, but she didn't stay long. and i ended up staying up till 12 cause dirty dancing was on and i like that movie. soooo i fell asleep on the couch and i woke up at 3:45 and found my way to my room...

i didn't want to get up this morning... surprise surprise. but it was sunday and i had church, so that's one good thing to look forward to. :) worship was so incredibly awesome this morning. i think i've decided that one of the times i am most happy is when i'm worshipping God. i just feel so close to Him. i also had to teach sunday school this morning. i was in charge of craft. but before we started that we had a little praise & worship session with all the kids. we're trying to teach them how to worship and dance and stuff. they try so hard and it's so great to watch them worship God. it amazes me to watch some of these kids. they can be so rowdy and off the wall one minute and the next they're praying and on their face before God. and i'm talking about 5 & 6 year olds. i guess that's why i love kids so much. they're so honest and real.

anyhow... after that i did the craft with the kids. the lesson today was about being obediant. so we made these little headbands that said "be good" with antennas (to resemble bumblebees). we just improvised with the materials. katie helped me. but then it got a little out of control cause the kids were all running around the room trying to sting each other. oops... oh well. kids will be kids.

after church i went out to lunch with my family, which was nice. and then i came home and took a nap. working with the little kiddies wore me out. they were sooooooo crazy today. and then i woke up and lyryn called and asked us to come over and hang out with her, jesse, mark & brent. so me and katie are over here now and mark & brent just left to go find food. hehe... i don't know what we're gonna tonite. just chill i guess...

ok, i think i've written enough for one day. i'm gonna go cause i'm talking to nick and i wanna give him my full attention. :)

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God is so awesome. i was just spending some quiet time with Him and in that short time God was just showing me so much. i was reading through james and God was just reminding me that when i want something, all i need to do is pray for it. but i also need to keep in mind that God knows what's best for me and His timing is better than mine. of course it doesn't always seem like that at the time, but i always look back and see how God was watching over me and protecting me. i even ended up playing my guitar for a while and even though i'm not that great, i know it was a joyful noise to the Lord. i'll get better with time... it's just hard to find time to practice.

anyhow... i went out with lyryn, jesse, katie, mark, brent & declan. we went to east side mario's (an italiant restaurant). they have awesome garlic bread... mmm... i had fettuchini alfredo with grilled chicken. it was deeeeeelicous. and for some reason, tonite i was the butt of all the jokes. well, it was funny for the first five minutes and then i got a little mad. not really mad... just peterbed. lol... is that a word? i dunno... i love 'em all though. they're great friends and we always have fun together.

so now i'm home and i gotta go cause i'm talking to nicholas again... i hope everyone had a great weekend. ciao.
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hehe... i changed my little icons. they were so cute and i couldn't pass them up.
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