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March 17th, 2001

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well... a lot has happened over the past 24 hours. i had dance practice last nite and i had a lot of fun. it wore me out, but that's alright. i think we did pretty good, considering the dance we're working on right now. some people got frustrated with it, but we just gotta take it one step at a time. if we do it enough, everyone will get it. some people just get themselves so worked up sometimes. and surprisingly, i'm not sore this morning. yay!!! well, not yet anyways...

then after dance, 9 of us decided we wanted to go out and grub. so we ended up going to ruby tuesday's. it was a lot of fun... the guys were being so immature- AGAIN. but that's normal. i've never laughed so hard. i had this strawberry shortcake sundae thing that was soooooooo delicious. mmm... i'm getting hungry just thinking about it. i haven't eaten anything today, which is probably why i'm hungry.

so we had tons of fun just hanging out and of course no one had money. well, a couple people had money... but i ended up footing the bill. ahhh, it's alright though. i don't mind that much. but it would have been nice if one person could have said thank you. shessh... when someone does something nice for me, i always try to say thank you. i know they appreciate me, but sometimes it would be nice if they said that. maybe i'm expecting too much out of teenagers... i dunno.

so then bethany slept over and we ended up talking till about 1:30... about everything. and then we had to drag ourselves out of bed this morning to go to a meeting. and a couple of the other leaders didn't show up. oh well... it happens.

so now i'm really tired. i think i might go take a little nap and then katie and i will probably go out. she got asked to junior prom last nite so she needs a dress. :)

ok. later everyone. have a good day.
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drained drained
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you are merciful to me....
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kate and i drove up to K.O.P. mall... she got her dress, too. it's really pretty. there were so many people at the mall. i hated it. it was so crowded. crowds don't always bother me, but today they did.

so now i'm home and i'm really really bored. and there's no one on to talk to. bummer... my parents are going out, so kate and i are just gonna get some movies and chill at home. lyryn's gonna come over after she gets off work.


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very very bored
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