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March 4th, 2001

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i am sooooooooo bored right now. i am going crazy. i hate all this snow. i hate being stuck in my house... ggggrrrrr... but on the bright side, i am eating peanut chews. yum yum. :)

i took a nap earlier and i'm all refreshed now. too bad there's NOTHING to do!!!! katie's cleaning her room. you know she's bored. hehehe... my mom's like, "why can't you do something constructive?" i think she wants me to clean my room. ummm lemme think.... nahhh. it's not that bad. there's just clothes on the other bed in my room which makes it look messy. and i keep buying more clothes, yet i have no where to put them. maybe i should go thru my old clothes and chuck the stuff i don't wear.

anyhow... church was really good today. during worship our dance leader came up to where me and a couple other girls on the dance team were sitting and she's like, "will you follow me?" so she starts doing interpretive dance to the worship song... altho it wasn't really "dance" it was more like different movements kinda. i don't know how to explain it. but it was really cool and that's not something any of us would normally do. but it totally blessed the church. i love it when God does stuff like that. it just takes us being willing to be stretched and taken out of our comfort zone. kinda like what God did for meg last nite. go read her journal and find out. :)

ok, i think that's all for now. oh wait. no it isn't. i watched "the princess and the marine" today. it was on tv a couple weeks ago and lyryn taped it for me. it was really good and it's a true story. so go watch it if you haven't already.

alrighty. later y'all...
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bored out of my mind!!!!!1
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no music...
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aaahhhh my little brother's watching the power puff girls. somebody help me!!!!
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guess what??? i cleaned my room!!! hooray for me. give it a week and it'll be messy again... i guarantee it. next time i want to go shopping, somebody smack me ok? i don't have enough room for the clothes i have let alone anymore. it's ridiculous. i even took out all the clothes i don't wear anymore. i guess i just like getting new stuff.

i even dusted and vacuumed!!! hehe

ok, that's all for now.

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silly silly
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"sick cycle carousel" ~lifehouse
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