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February 9th, 2001

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i'm getting sick of this stupid LJ. some people are just so rude and it's really making me mad. i know i'm not perfect but let's all try and live by, "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all." i think we've lost sight of that little rule. i just wish we could all be happy and get along. why is that such a big deal? ***grrrrrrrr*** people in general are just wack sometimes. i mean, if we could really share our thoughts and feelings whenver we felt the need, without worrying about someone looking down on us or judging us, this world could be a wonderful place to live in. (i think that's a run-on... oh well)

i just have some hidden angst... that's all. generally, i'm a happy person. i don't know what's going on with me lately. maybe i'm just growing up or something...

ok. enough depressing stuff. i have dance practice tonite! i enjoy it so much. when our dance team gets together, we have so much fun. we're a crazy bunch...

tomorrow's the banquet i've been working so hard on. i finally found floating candles. they were really expensive, but i don't care. they're hearts and they came in red, pink, and white. so it should turn out pretty. we're gonna decorate the banquet hall with icicle lights and keep the lights dimmed. we'll have soft music in the background and we're selling long-stemmed roses... the roses came in today. they are so beautiful and they smelled wonderful.

alright. it's time for lunch. i better go now.
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hungry hungry
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"beautiful day" ~u2
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