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February 6th, 2001

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i ordered three more cd's this morning. i love the whole "ordering online" thing. it's fast, it's easy, it's fun. oh, my credit card finally showed up this past weekend. they kept declining me and pre-approving me and then declining me again. so my mom finally called cause she was ticked. so they gave in. i got one that has dolphins on it. i love dolphins. when i was little, i always wanted to be a marine biologist. that was my dream. i'm not sure when i changed my mind... maybe it was my fear of sharks that did it. oh well.

the sun's out today so a lot of the ice is melting. that's good, cause i want to go to the guys basketball game tonite. i don't want to be stuck in my house for another nite.

i gotta get back to work now. later y'all...

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hopeful hopeful
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"somewhere in between" ~lifehouse
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here's a thought: when you i.m. somebody first is it then your responsibility to get the conversation going? cause that's the way it seems. maybe that's why people hardly ever i.m. me first. because they have nothing to talk about. it just bugs me sometimes. cause i feel like if i i.m. somebody first then they really don't want to talk to me. then again, if they feel the same way, we'll never talk. i dunno. i've just been in this weird "mood" or whatever this week.

i went to the guy's game tonite. they lost pretty bad. i looked horrible tonite and it just so happened that every guy on the other team was under 22 years old. and they were all pretty cute. grrrrr.... i knew i should have put some makeup on or something. oh well.

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moody moody
Current Music:
"hanging by a moment" ~lifehouse
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******boys suck******

i think that about sums it up

you know who you are...

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