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January 25th, 2001

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ok, so i was a little late for work this morning. my dad was not too happy. i got a little lecture and i understand i deserve it. it's just so hard to get myself up out of bed sometimes. i didn't go to bed that late last nite. i'm just not much of a morning person. i'm not always a late person either. i'm kind of in-between if that even makes sense...

ok, now i've lost it. i gotta go eat lunch.

Current Mood:
hungry hungry
Current Music:
"beautiful day" ~u2
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thursday... thursday... what to do on thursday... ???
i think i'm gonna go watch some guys from my church play basketball tonite. katie has to babysit and i have to pick her up at 9. so i'll go watch the game, but i'll probably end up talking with the other girls that come and not even pay attention to the game. *lol*

alrighty. it's 4 which means i get to leave work in 1 hour! ****yyyyiiiiipppppeeeeee****

i'm a little hyper cause i'm eating peanut m&m's and i love peanut m&m's. they're so banger... or bangalicious in the words of my friend matt. this really cute guy came into the store today. he's here at least once a week and my dad's trying to convince him to come work here. but his personality's pretty *blah* so...yeah... looks aren't everything. who am i to talk anyways...?

i better get back to work so i can get outta here at a reasonable time.

Current Mood:
busy busy
Current Music:
"crazy for this girl" ~evan & jaron
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