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January 21st, 2001

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boy did we get some snow last nite. we got about 8-10 inches. you should have seen my whole family outside shoveling our driveway this morning. it was hilarious. even my dog was running around. they didn't cancel church so we braved through all the snow and piled in my dad's durango and drove to church. since it was supposed to be "youth sunday" all the teens were taking over the church service. unfortunately half of them couldn't make it to church today... so we kind of improvised. i ended up doing announcements and taught a little lesson to the very few children in attendance. it worked out pretty good though. then my family and i went out to chi-chi's for lunch. i got fajita's but my appetite has been pretty small since i've been sick. so i didn't eat much. my dance team is performing at a church service tonite and we have to be there 2 hours early to rehearse. *yuck* i really just wanna go home and sleep... but NOOOO

alrighty. i must be out now.

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