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January 19th, 2001

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i hate being sick. my throat hurts, my head hurts, i'm freezing... it figures i get sick right before the weekend. i've been drinking tea and orange juice all morning. i really just want to curl up in my bed and sleep, but i can't. i have to work. i mean, if i really wanted i could probably go home, but i can't leave my mom with all the work to do. that's just not fair. i'll just have to suffer through the day...
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crappy crappy
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"looking for love" ~out of eden
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i went to lunch today and since i'm sick i could hardly eat. so i had the waitress wrap half my sandwich. she wraps it and i leave it on the table. i went back to work and i'm sitting there thinking, "i know i had my sandwich wrapped...."
i do that all the time. i did that a couple weeks ago. i went out to lunch with my brother and i got my food put in a container and walked out without it.
but, i'm sure it happens all the time. at least it did when i used to be a waitress...
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ditzy ditzy
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