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January 18th, 2001

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it's snowing. i didn't know it was supposed to snow today. it doesn't seem to be accumulating to much though. i feel horrible today. my head is pounding and this chest cold is getting worse. i hate being sick. i just want to curl up in my bed, but i can't. lucky for me, the phones here at work have been quiet. i don't know why but thursday's seem to be pretty slow. one more day till the weekend. thank God. i need a break.

i better get back to work...

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sick sick
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"wide open spaces" ~dixie chicks
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i changed my LJ pic again. i like the g-clef better. it's more me, too. *lol*
if i can get a hold of my uncle's digital camera sometime i'll take a "real" picture of myself to put on there. but for now i've gotta settle for this. *sigh*
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blah blah
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i went over to my friend wendy's after work today. she's getting married in june and i'm going to be a bridesmaid!!! *yippeee* i'm excited. can ya tell? anyways, the bridesmaid dress she ordered for me arrived today and she wanted me to try it on and stuff. it's a really cute dress. it's light blue and it has an empire waist and a pretty scarf that matches. too bad she's not getting married for another 6 months.... i gotta wait till then to wear it. bummer. you know what stinks? i'm the tallest bridesmaid (and i'm only 5'4", what does that tell you?) which means i have to walk down with the tallest groomsmen, who happens to be my next door neighbor. but he's at least 6 feet tall! i'm gonna feel so short next to him. better me than one of the other bridesmaids that's shorter than me.
i'm sure if you're still reading this you're probably ready to puke and i understand. girls can be weird sometimes. they get excited over little things. but sometimes, as annoying as guys find that to be, i think that's one thing that attracts them to girls. well, not to me but other girls of course.

all this talk about weddings is making me want to get married soon. i just gotta find the right guy... if anybody knows him, let me know.
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giddy giddy
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