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January 7th, 2001

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today was a busy day. i had to wake up at 7:45am because my family was moving our business to a new building. we moved filing cabinets, desks, you name it and hauled it across town. my friends from youth group came and helped and that made it go really fast...

so then a bunch of us decided to go skiing at this place about an hour away. so we went and it was sooooo much fun. i forgot how much fun skiing is. actually one of my favorite parts is the ski lift!!! it's so relaxing.

so on our way home we miss a turn and end up completely lost in the middle of nowhere. so we stopped at a diner at like 11:30pm and ate food and eventually found our way home.

so i need to go to bed now because i have church tomorrow and i don't want to fall asleep!

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accomplished accomplished
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"the way you love me" ~faith hill
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