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January 3rd, 2001

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i'm not doing too well with this journal. oh well. nobody reads it anyway, which i shouldn't be too disappointed about. i mean, a journal's supposed to be private right? yeah that and the fact that my sister reads everything i write in it and so that limits what i can write.
so i'm stuck.

anyways. i've been reading these really good books the past few days that have kept me a little busy. that and work of course.

so there's not really anything new going on in my life. it sucks basically. i know i shouldn't be complaining and all, cause i have it better than most... but things just aren't going the way i would have liked them to. i feel like i'm trying to "find" myself and everytime i think i have, something happens that makes me realize i'm just as confused as ever. so that's it. i need a life. seriously. maybe i should move away. but i could never do that. i'm such a wuss...

i'm out.

Current Mood:
confused confused
Current Music:
"the lion and the lamb" ~crystal lewis
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