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December 25th, 2000

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yeah, so christmas is over now. sort of. i mean, all the excitement is gone now. sometimes christmas feels like such a waste. not the jesus being born part...but all the commercialization. we buy all these presents and go all crazy for this one day and then it's over. i don't know. i mean, it's a great holiday and all, but sometimes...i don't know. it's just wack. sometimes i feel like charlie brown in "charlie brown's christmas." you know, when he gives his schpeal about the commercialization of christmas and how there must be something more to it. i know there's more to it, but we just leave it out.
anyways...enough depressing stuff. i got some good gifts this year. lots of clothes and cd's which is good. a couple books, and a case to hold all my cd's. and of course, $$$ from my relatives. that's one bonus to getting together with all your extended family at christmas. especially once you get older. they don't know what to get you so they give you a card with $$$ in it. not that i mind. $$$ is good. you can't live without it.
i gotta go back to work tomorrow. that really stinks. that's part of the reason i miss high school...winter break!!! i get one day off (christmas) and then it's back to work. i guess i need to wake up and realize that i'm in the "real" world now. at least, that's what my mother keeps telling me...
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"set your eyes to zion" ~P.O.D.
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