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December 21st, 2000

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i've had this cold for about 5 days now. i just can't seem to get rid of it. my nose is running so bad and now it's all red from blowing it too many times. i hate it when that happens.
so, hardly anybody showed up at our bible study last nite. the roads weren't too bad, but maybe that's why some of them didn't come. who knows? we still had fun though. my friend luke is home for christmas so he stopped by and things always get interesting when he comes over. we got into deep discussions about biblical things. it was very insightful, but we didn't really "get" anywhere if you know what i mean.
so after bible study i sit down to watch animal planet. all nite there's these specials on about snakes and stuff. now if there is anything i fear in this world, it is snakes. i used to get really scared even if i just watched snakes on tv. now it doesn't bother me to see them on tv. so my brother walks up and he's like, "you know it's really funny. ever since i started watching animal planet i can watch these shows about snakes and not get nightmares." so i kinda laughed and i agreed with him (thinking nothing of it). after watching these intruiging shows i finally decided to go to bed. well, what do you know...i wake up in the middle nite and i'm totally freaked out. i was dreaming that there was all these snakes in my bed and the crocodile hunter steve was in my bedroom trying to catch them. he's like, "don't worry, they're not that venomous..." i don't like scary dreams.
needless to say, i yelled at my brother this morning. if he hadn't sad anything about dreaming about snakes all of this could have been avoided.
brothers!?! sheesh...
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"time of your life" ~green day
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