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December 15th, 2000

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i heard that song on the radio this morning as i was driving to work. "i'm like a bird..." that song rocks. i love that girls voice. mad props goes out to nelly furtado!!! woohoo! anyways... i ran into a friend of mine this morning. we graduated together and we were actually really close friends all through junior high and high school. when i saw her she didn't seem very excited to see me. i mean, we hadn't seen each other for like 6 months. i was escatic but she seemed uncomfortable. oh well...i guess i wasn't as well liked in high school as i would have liked to think.
i'm so tired this morning. i couldn't go to bed last nite. i was so hyper. i stayed up till 1 watching animal planet. (that's my new favorite channel) then i went to go to bed and i wasn't tired so i started wrapping presents. it was really late by the time i finally got to sleep. i'm gonna go home and make some cookies during my lunch break. my friend mark is going for his license today so i'm gonna make him cookies in the shape of street signs and stuff. i thought it would be a cute idea and he loves cookies, so why not...
ok i gotta get back to work now.
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sleepy sleepy
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"i'm like a bird..." ~nelly furtado
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