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December 12th, 2000

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yeah, so i worked 11 hours today and i'm wiped out. my body is like in this shut down mode or something. i can't take this much longer...i'm too young to die! ok, i'm just kidding. i'm not dying. i'm just aging very fast. which is not good. i'm only 18 years old!!!
my mommy bought chinese food for dinner tonite so that made me feel a little better.
oh yeah! i had an exciting morning i forgot to write about. i got into work this morning and the power is out in the office building cuz it was really windy. in our little town the power goes out if the wind blows. LITERALLY.
so our computer system obviously didn't work and the battery back-up for our phones died after an hour...the power outage lasted about four hours. so i had to find little jobs that i could do that didn't require electricity. good thing we have a large stock of flashlights! but by the time the power came back on...i had soooooo much work to catch up on, it was nuts. for those of you that don't know i work with my parents. they own their own business where they sell equipment and stuff for firefighters. (my daddy's a fireman!!!) so we have this large website where firefighters can order online and stuff...which they do~all the time. with phones and the internet and all, well let's just say it keeps me busy. check out our site: www.thefirestore.com
it's pretty cool if you're a firefighter and are into that kind of thing. and no, i am not a firefighter and i never will be. i get asked that allllll the time. i'm very afraid of fire. not like candle fire, but BIG fire.
so yah...that's most of my life for now. chow!
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distressed distressed
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"i'm like a bird..." ~no idea who sings it, but it's cool!
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