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December 6th, 2000

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well...this is my first time writing in my "live journal." it feels kinda cool to have someplace to write my feelings down. although at this moment, i don't have many feelings to share. but i'm sure i will soon. and if you're reading this, you'll be lucky enough to know more about me than you probably care to.
i'm really tired, tonite. my friends came over and we baked cookies and cakes and stuff for our youth group christmas party on saturday. it was fun, but of course i got stuck cleaning it ALL up! that's what happens when you offer to have it at your house.
anyways...i'm really tired, so i'm gonna go now.
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i'm back again. i just got done talking to my friend mark on IM. we started talking about our future and what we wanted to do. we both decided that we'd like to be famous. i realized that if i can't be famous, then i'd rather be on the other side of the spectrum. just lead a quiet life, raise a family...but that's not me. i have to be out there, doing something. we'll see. it's all in God's hands anyways. He's got it all figured out for me. ok, i am really really really tired now and i have to go to work tomorrow morning, so i better go.
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